Springtime Tallahassee

Springtime Tallahassee was a huge success with thousands turning out for the festival that almost didn't happen.

The parade started off in grand style with a police escort and huge applause for the solders acting as grand marshals. Everyone had a favorite.

"The dragon and the troops, when they came around the emotion from the people as well as the police, when they were coming around with the bikes they were really showing their stuff,” said Claudius Mundoma, a festival participant.

Horses trod through from Clydesdales to appaloosas and bands marched to the thunder of their own drums. Then came the division of blind services followed by the WCTV crew with Rob Nucatola surfing on top of the weather van.

One of the big hits of the parade is this pirate ship with pirates giving away dozens of beads. The kids just love it, but the biggest hit for the kids had to be the Finding Nemo creatures, complete with a fish tank and at the very end, a shark.

"Her favorite part so far has been the Finding Nemo, that really got her attention got her smiling too,” said one parade participant.

Everyone from young to old seemed pleased and hoped Springtime Tallahassee will be her for years to come. A couple weeks ago festival organizers had cancelled Springtime Tallahassee because of the high cost of insurance. At the last minute several local companies came forward to make sure residents wouldn't miss the big event.

Once the parade ran its coarse another Tallahassee tradition took over. The final float of the 36th Annual Parade marked the beginning of the Springtime Festival. Vendors lined the streets selling their wares and customers came by hoping for unique ways to spend their hard earned cash.