A Safe Place to Skate

Skateboarders in Madison have been breaking the law by riding on city streets. To curtail that, city officials allowed skaters to use a park, but traffic around the park has proved to be a problem.

Jason Buchanan and his friends have gotten a bad reputation for skating around county roads and city streets, but these teens say they are just looking for a safe place to call their own.

City officials allowed them to skate around the local park, but excessive traffic proved too dangerous.

“The cops come every once in a while because if we don't see a car or somebody coming through they'll call and complain. They're just going too fast and we couldn't get out the way,” says Jason.

Skaters say they have been jumping through hoops to find a safe place to showcase their talents, and at times have to leave the county to enjoy the sport.

“We have to go an hour away to Tallahassee or even Kono in Jacksonville, and that's two hours. It would better if we had a skate park here because we don't have to go one hour to skateboard,” Josh Martin says.

County commissioners may have a solution to make it convenient for these skaters. They're considering the idea of allowing the skaters to use the road near the old agriculture building.

“Once the county attorney and insurance carrier and Commissioner Ellis comes back with a proposal, then we'll decide at that time when they can start skating, ‘cause I admit skating would be a good thing. We just need to get everything together,” says Alfred Martin.

Commissioners hope to give their final approval for the facility by the next scheduled meeting.