A Sewer Surprise for Tallahassee Utility Customer

City utilities recently learned it might have been charging a customer for services not rendered.

Jeanette Martin has lived on the south side of Tallahassee for almost 30 years. She says she's been paying the city for sewage services the entire time, but a few weeks ago when she had a problem with a clogged pipe, she got an interesting answer, one so unbelievable she sought divine guidance.

"She called me and said ‘I have a problem. Gentlemen came out and checked my sewage line and found out I was not connected to the City of Tallahassee,’" said Pastor William Foutz of Mt. Bisby Primitive Baptist Church.

Pastor Foutz called the city to make sure what Martin had been told was true. The city says it’s investigating the situation.

"The customer believes the system was never connected. However, we've found a record that it was connected in 1950, and the sewage tape does still exist on the property," says Jim Oskowis, general manager for City Water Utility.

As of March 12, Martin's home is officially connected to the city sewage system through a city loan. The city also says if it turns out the property was not connected, they will make restitution for all the years she paid for services that she never received.

The sewage bill is based on water consumption during the four winter months. The city says the investigation is going to take several days.