Leon County School Bus Involved in Fiery Crash

The Florida Highway Patrol says an elderly woman crashed into the back of the school bus as it was stopped on Woodville Highway. She told police she didn't see the bus, only flashing lights, which she mistook for construction.

It happened as the sun began to rise, a vehicle heading south on Woodville Highway smashed into this school bus, setting both on fire.

After the impact all six students along with the driver and an adult acted quickly, remembering evacuation drills taught earlier in the year. All filed out of the bus to safety.

Arthur Pla, Director of Transportation for Leon schools, says, “Those emergency evacuations paid off because no injuries and no fatalities.”

Frank Voran, Woodville Elementary Principal, adds, “We feel very fortunate. We lost bus and vehicle but didn't lose anybody.”

Sighs of relief echoed throughout the school Monday. The “red bus” will never be ridden again, but the students are safe and sound.

The elderly woman suffered minor injuries in the accident and was taken to the hospital and the bus driver is complaining of some back pain. We briefly spoke with some parents of the kids on board. They say they are also relieved their kids are safe.

FHP has already charged the woman with careless driving and she will likely undergo another examination of her driving skills.