FSU Path Program

Although FSU has had to downsize its freshman class, the university is still trying to attract students to the capital city. Starting this month, FSU is making an offer that will give non-students access to the campus.

Here's how it works. For several years Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College have been working together.

John Barnhill from the FSU Registrar's Office, says, “What we have in place is a system to notify students who were denied by FSU the opportunity to go to TCC, and after two years transfer and go to FSU.”

But starting this month those students will get an extra incentive.

Sharon Jefferson of TCC Student Affairs, says, “They will actually have a card that says FSU-TCC partners student, and that gives them access to areas and services that we would not have. Services such as FSU's Thagard Health Center, the Leach Center as well as campus entertainment and events.

FSU leaders say it’s a great solution considering the admissions cutbacks the university had to make this year.

Mary Coburn of FSU Student Affairs, says, “We had to raise level for the entrance, so this way they still can participate fully in campus life.”

Students who decided to enroll in the "TCC to FSU pass" program would have to pay a student activities fee. Athletic events and fraternities and sororities would be excluded from the deal.