Utility Assistance

Complaints and questions continue to roll in from Tallahassee city utility customers. The city wants specifics and is asking for more public input.

It may be hard to believe a local vote taken in 1992 is having such a strong impact in 2004.

"Back in 1992, we as a community decided against coal and to only use natural gas," says Andrew Gillum of the City of Tallahassee.

And now, natural gas prices are going up, taking city utility bills along for the bumpy ride.

The city says it has a plan.

"We're investing $900,000 into weatherizing homes. Some homes in our community are older and all it may take is some caulking around the windows," Gillum says.

Bob Seaton, City of Tallahasee Retail Energy Service Manager, says, "Ceiling insulation is one of the best energy retrofits to be done to a home. It helps in the winter and the summer, it helps lower the bills."

If you're a city utility customer, you are entitled to a free energy audit.

"We'll check the house, its insulation, the working operations of the appliances, thermostat settings and give the customer advice on how to save energy," adds Seaton.

The city will also show you how to read your meter. Meter readers say the slower it spins, the more you conserve and the less you pay.

The city will hold a public forum Wednesday night at 6:30 at the Jake Gaither Community Center. Customers can apply for available programs and services. Call 891-8533 for more information.