Two of Leon County Solid Waste Top Officials Resign

The men resigning are Jud Curtis, Director of Solid Waste, and Gary Gayle, the Solid Waste Superintendent. Officials say they resigned because asbestos was apparently not properly managed.

Tony Parks is the Director of Public Works for Leon County. Parks says an inspection of the landfill by the Department of Environmental Protection found that the facility was not in compliance.

"Procedurally, we have policies that we cover our material within 24 hours and keep the material covered. In this particular case it was a reoccurring of material not being covered properly," says Tony.

The material is asbestos, something nearby residents to the landfill say is potentially harmful. An official with the Solid Waste Department gave us a document that shows back on March 5 Curtis had a private company to come and do a series of soil samples to find traces of asbestos. The results show on all tests no asbestos was detected.

We asked Park if the document could have presented a good case for the two men, but he didn't comment.

Meanwhile, Mona Abbott, who has lived near the landfill since 1979, says asbestos has been a problem and that once in a conversation with Gayle, he had told her it was more cost effective to not cover some of the asbestos.

"I told him that if you lived here, you couldn't hack it. He said his business is more space management than waste management, that they were being highly efficient by not adding dirt to cover it," says Gayle.

We did attempt to reach both Curtis and Gayle for comment. We were unable to speak with Curtis, and Gayle says he actually didn't have a comment at this time.

Parks says that Nancy Paul, the recycling coordinator, will take charge of the day-to-day administrative issues, while Edgar Grant, the current director of operations, will help with operations at the disposal site.