Wakulla Drug Sweep

Suspected drug dealers have been targeted following a four-month undercover investigation during a community drug sweep in Wakulla County. Tuesday morning, officers knocked on mobile home doors and apprehended five of the 21 suspects on their list.

They're being handcuffed and taken to jail, almost two-dozen of them, all suspected drug dealers who have spent the last four months selling crack, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy to undercover police officers.

“We have a unit dedicated to undercover buys to rid the county of people that are selling drugs,” says CAPT Bill Poole with the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office.

Those are the ones targeted this week as investigators knock on doors and reel in suspects. Some resisting little, others putting up a fight, but they didn't get far. Aside from chasing down suspects, the only other obstacles investigators have faced so far is irate family members, most of which concerned for their sons and daughters.

Sally White came home to find her son, her daughter and her grandson being taken to jail.

Word of mouth in Wakulla County is a powerful tool, one that the undercover team relies on to lock up dealers and rid the streets of drugs.

By days end officers rounded up 11 suspects leaving 10 more to try and apprehend. Once arrested, all 21 suspects will have 52 felony charges and their bonds will add up to $4 million.

Investigators say the roundup will likely last through the week, just like the other two round ups conducted last year. The undercover team has made 82 drug arrests in the last 10 months.