Community Learning

Community leaders are pushing for the expansion. The Lowndes County school system is asking the state for $350,000 to expand two Community Learning Centers.

County school board leaders say the money is going to a good cause and should be passed by the state school system.

"It just benefits kids after school on a lot of different levels. Its not only academic, but also art, music and things outside the normal everyday outside activities," says
Jennifer Hattaway, Lowndes school relations specialist.

If the grant is passed the Community Learning Center will be open to students the entire school year. It's an after school program that takes team work from both the county and state school board members.

"It's usually a collaborative effort between the school system and a private entity or a private community resource and it’s basically a program to serve students to offer them academic enrichment opportunities, tutorial services and to help these students meet local and state benchmarks," says Lauren Tudor, project director for the Lowndes Learning Center.

Many county school leaders say the learning center has been extremely successful and with the help of certified teachers the possibilities for the program are endless.

Lowndes County school leaders say they're optimistic the state will pass the $350,000 grant on May 13.