County and City Cool Down on Downtown CRA

Leon County Commissioner Tony Grippa says he and the city mayor have come to a decision to take a three-week break to go back to their respective corners.

During the break the lawsuit filed by the county will be put on hold. County Commissioner Bob Rackleff thinks the lawsuit should be thrown out all together.

"The mayor wants to get back to the table and out of the courtroom and I commend him for that. We're going to sit down and work out a deal for an investment in downtown, not a subsidy," says Grippa.

"I do think we need to start acting like adults and we need to treat our city counterparts with the respect they deserve, and we need to work with them as equal partners," Rackleff says.

The County Commission has also voted for a $70,000 education campaign to teach the public about the downtown CRA.

Commissioner Rackleff says he's against the county educational campaign, calling it "propaganda."