Title One Schools

In Georgia local schools may be able to pick up where proposed budget cuts in education left off. Georgia Title One schools will get more federal money next year to help its disadvantaged students.

Proposed cuts to state education grants total more than $300 million for the next fiscal year.

Cheryl Hay, curriculum director for Thomasville City Schools, says that poses a threat to disadvantaged kids in local title one schools.

"In certain situations there may be a loss in personnel because of reduction in funding from state and local levels, there may be programs that may be cut," says Hay.

Though locally in the past two years, there's been a decrease of enrollment. Overall, Georgia's Title One schools have more kids in its free and reduced lunch programs for that reason. The state will see a $38 million boost in federal funds next year.

School Officials say there will be about a 10 percent increase in local Title One funds, which means these schools will be able to maintain personnel, buy books and computers for students among other things.

Gene Christie, principal of McIntyre Park Middle School, says, "It helps us with our incentive programs in the afternoon, a lot of these kids come to us with below grade level and they need some additional assistance."

"Hopefully it will allow us to continue some programs we've started and strengthen some areas,” adds Hay.

There are three Title One schools in Thomasville, Harper and Scott Elementary and McIntyre Park Middle. Title One schools are based on the number of kids in the schools free and reduced lunch programs.