Nepal Professor on Terror Threats

Everyday international headlines tell us about the terrorist activity in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Iran, but the small country of Nepal is rarely mentioned. However, a visiting professor tells local law enforcement terrorism has taken over his homeland.

TCC's first Fulbright scholar Dr. Sushil Pandey is from Nepal, a small country sandwiched between China and India. Tuesday the visiting professor met with local law enforcement leaders to explain how terrorism has torn apart his country for the past eight years.

Pandey says every day is filled with uncertainty. Pandey says his formerly peaceful country now reports 10,000 deaths, 30,000 injured and 100,000 homeless, all due to political upheaval.

Local officers say after 9/11 any and all information is helpful.

“I found it interesting, open border policy, affects on economy and fear, same factor in United States and Florida as well,” says Tom McInerney, FDLE, Regional Director.

Pandey says he's not exactly sure how sharing his experiences can help law enforcement in Florida, but adds it will most likely give them a new perspective.