Georgia Forestry

Georgia forestry managers are using technology to its fullest as the threat of wildfires grows. The Forestry Commission's new online permit system is helping streamline the process, and it’s also making it easier for managers to protect land from wildfires.

Until recently, people wanting to burn their yard trash needed to pick up the phone and call the Georgia Forestry Commission. That would often times tie up a forester, causing them to potentially miss a call for help, but now land owners can go online for their permits.

Bobby Mathis, District Forester, says, "Now, each county has the ability to turn this on-line system on and off as conditions dictate. In this district, the online system is turned off right now."

Even though permits are being issued over the phone, local foresters turned off the online system for now, because they want to remind people about how dangerous the fire situation is before they start their burn.

While you may never be able to go online to order a large scale burn permit, forestry officials say don't be surprised if you're ale to go online in the near future and order some of the more popular, smaller services.

"Order tree seedlings, asking for forestry management services, for a forester to come visit your property. These are all very, very possible to offer through an online service," says Mathis.

Making it more convenient for people ready to burn or looking for advise, and helping forestry officials keep a better look out for the latest threat without having to answer phones all day.

To apply online for a Georgia burn permit, visit the website