Pot Bust

Officials with the Leon County Sheriff's Office say they have a positive ID of a suspect in Tuesday night's big pot bust. Officials say they aren't ready to release the name of the suspect just yet. Wednesday, some area residents say they're still surprised about what deputies found.

Tuesday, members of the Leon County Sheriff's Office Vice Squad raided a home at 1610 Paula Drive. There, Vice Squad members say inside the home they found 90 marijuana plants, each worth about $5,000 a piece, in all, about $450,000 in pot.

David McKinnon, a resident, says. "I'm really surprised, we don't really have much like that going on in this neighborhood. People don't even lock their doors, but I was very surprised."

Residents in this quiet neighborhood say they pass by the house all the time and that a man would come by every now and then and cut the grass, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Tammi Correa, also a resident, says, "I thought it was a mistake. I was really surprised. I didn't think anyone lived there at the time. I walk here everyday and you never see anything there. It's really quiet around here."

Officials say the three-bedroom home was being used as a "greenhouse," where one room was being used for packaging, one for cultivation and the other room to grow the pot

SGT James McQuaig says, "It's not outside, not really seen or smelled by neighbors or citizens and it's harder to get inside the house to find the grow."

SGT McQuaig says right now the marijuana is at the Sheriff's Office being held as evidence. He says it's actually becoming very common. In this case, the guy had some very high-tech light equipment and air ventilation equipment.

Also, McQuaig says the pot that the suspect was growing was of a very high grade.