Maps Have Been Redrawn

Complaints among Georgia lawmakers have surfaced concerning the newly drawn maps, saying those that the courts drew are causing more of a mess than before.

The purpose of the redrawing of Georgia redistricting maps were split right now the middle. Republicans claim democrats were trying to hold on to power in rural areas. Democrats say they were trying to protect the black vote, but now that the state has taken over, both parties are fighting for similar changes.

Lawmakers say new proposed redistricting maps drawn did address the population issue, but subsequently caused more problems for both parties.

In the event, lawmakers predict a negative impact on future decision making because of possibility of several lost seats.

"If we have a major turnover, and the number of people, that will weaken the legislature and the ability to produce good sound legislation," says Ellis Black.

Lawmakers are happy to know that the federal courts oblige to those concerns, and a new set of maps were released on Monday with changes.

South Georgia fared pretty well with the new maps. They say overall they're happy with the maps because they're fair for the people and comparable with the 1965 voting rights act and the one man, one vote principle.

The newest set of maps is still awaiting approval. These maps are temporary and the redrawing will be done again for the 2006 elections.