"Abstinence is Everybody's Business Community Rally" in Madison

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Several local residents attended the 1ST Annual "Abstinence is Everybody's Business Community Rally" at the Van H Priest Auditorium. Folks of all ages listened to speeches about the rising number of teen pregnancies and the increasing number of those infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

The event featured nationally renown youth motivational speaker Michael Walden. "We need to recruit and say you know what, you need to take care of your body, take care of your mind, and live a long happy life. But you also have to make good choices and that's what these young folks are standing up for, making good choices for themselves."

Demarius Folson is a high school senior. "It's good to wait and not jump into stuff so quick, trying to be an adult so early. Save yourself until the right time."

Teens and parents also listened to talks about being alcohol and drug free.