Local Man Speaks Out of Brother's Injury

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22 year old Eric Fletcher is recovering after getting injured for the third time on the front lines in Iraq. His older brother Travis, also a marine is talking about the ordeal.
"I believe it happened Friday at about 2:30 in the morning. A guy threw a grenade, two grenades at them in between their six man team. My brother took the brunt of the blast and another guy took a little bit of shrapnel.
He has pretty open wounds on the bottom part of his left lower leg, below his right knee. And they actually had to take a vein from his right leg and transplant it into his left. He won't be walking anytime soon. And he's got a pretty good cut on his neck, other than that he's doing alright.
His recovery is going faster then they expected, hopefully he'll be out of there within a couple of weeks or so. Every day he's getting better.
Prayers are the best thing I can think of. He's well taken care of, everybody at the hospital up there is great, they give him anything he needs. He just has to snap his fingers.
He's always been really competitive, me and him. I went into the Marine Corps before him and he followed up a couple years after. He definitely out did me; became a sniper and this, three purple hearts. He's definitely an over achiever.
It's really phenomenal how everybody, the community people you don't even know come to your aid, help you out. The power of prayer is good, really helps."

Eric Fletcher is being treated at The National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.
His brother says he may go to Tampa for rehab but is expected to walk again.