Rise in Tallahassee Rape Reports

Twenty-nine-year-old Willie Robinson was arrested this week accused of breaking in to a woman's home last month and assaulting her in her own bed.

A DNA sample taken from the victim was analyzed at FDLE. It led them to Willie Robinson with a match that could have only come from one in 2.4 billion people.

This is the latest of five stranger on stranger rapes in Tallahassee already this year.
January 4: A pizza delivery woman is robbed and raped repeatedly.

January 30: A man is accused of breaking into a woman's house and raping her as soon as she got home.

February 1: Two women are raped within 30 minutes of each other near the FSU campus, including one in the pedestrian tunnel.

February 18. A woman is raped in her own bed; a man was just arrested for it.

SGT Chip Springer heads up the Tallahassee Police sex crimes unit. He says investigators usually work a handful of stranger on stranger rapes in a year, not in a matter of months.

There have been arrests in four of the five rape cases and counselors say that's critical for victims who must cope with newfound fear.

No one can say why there's a spike in stranger on stranger rape in Tallahassee the first few months of this year, and police say it's far too early to say if it's a trend.