Electronic Devices Allowed on Campus

Cell phones and pagers in classrooms, some thought it would never happen, but others say as times change, so do the rules. The Valdosta Board of Education is now allowing electronic devices on school grounds.

Board members who voted against the move say cell phones and textbooks don't match.

"I can see them using them before and after school, but they are there for an academic purpose and I don't think they should be carrying on a conversation with their friends as they are commuting from one class to another, because you know teenagers they misuse or abuse anything,” comments Anny Fisher, Valdosta School Board member.

But some teachers say as technology changes, so should school policy.

"I think people feel safer having an access out somewhere. I don't think we can deny students from having them, but the board policy is very clear. They can bring them, but if we see them or hear them then we have to pick them up, and that's my philosophy,” says teacher Beverly Hickox.

If fact, many students have the same philosophy. They say cell phones come in handy in case of an emergency.

"I really feel safer. I remember on 9/11 I had my cell phone and I called my mom and I was talking to her about it. It's like a security knowing you can be connected,” says Valdosta High School senior Margaret Strickland.

Many teachers say telling students not to carry cell phones to school is an endless battle and that's why the change in policy is a good one.

Valdosta and nearby Berrien County are the only school districts in south Georgia allowing students to bring electronic devices on campus.