Children's Week Begins in Florida

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Hand in hand, volunteers work together hanging up thousands of paper hands made by Florida children.

Jessica Oliva is a volunteer and said, "It's kind of fun to see the hands from all around the state being put up, all the artwork from children".

The display in the Capitol Rotunda kick offs the 12th Annual Florida Children's Week.

"Children don't have a voice of their own so it's up to adults and citizens in the state of Florida to represent their needs and give them a voice," said Jason Zaborske, Statewide Coordinator of Florida Children's Week.

Every hand that goes on this wall represents a child in Florida, a sight which organizers hope sticks with lawmakers as they vote on important issues effecting children.

"Florida Kids Care is a big issue, this we hope legislature addresses that issue, we are also looking at getting a children's cabinet passed," said Zaborske.

Bobbie Matthews is also volunteering and said, "Too many people in the state do not know about the VPK program, I think the legislature needs to make more of an effort to get the word out in the local communities."

All week the hands will hang, putting a name and a face to the issues effecting Florida families.

Children's Week hosts dozens of community events and activities in Tallahassee through April 1st.

For a list of other events this week, click the link at the bottom of the story.