Insurance Assistance for Low Income Families

It's no secret that many Floridians live without health insurance, and now more and more are turning to the Internet to get help in finding a provider.

The site is e-health, and it's giving people more options to find more affordable health insurance.

Abby Jiu and Laura Land are students at Florida State University and have health insurance through their parents, but they say once they graduate this spring, they'll be on their own.

"There's a two-month grace period from the date after I graduate to two months after that, then after that I won't, so I have to find a it own my own or find a job with the benefit of insurance," Abby says.

"I'm concerned about it because I don't know how fast I'm going to find a job that has the benefits of health insurance, and any kind of form of insurance," adds Laura.

Some reports suggest that more than 80,000 people in Tallahassee did not have health insurance at some point within the last two years.

Warren Jones of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital says, "With our economy it's a growing problem, the people who don't have insurance, the people who are working for companies who don't have insurance. Annually, Tallahassee Memorial provides about 18 million dollars in charity care.”

Robert Fahlman works with a company called "E Health Insurance". On the company's website, people can type in their information and then choose from a number of different companies able to fit their needs.

Fahlman says when comparing local rates with those in other states folks may be surprised to find lower rates.

"The lower price premium rates are out there, but the brokers that are selling those don't make as much commission or as much money on those lower price plans, so you're not going to see those as readily as the more expensive plans,” says Robert.

Falman says about 50 percent of the people who purchased health insurance through their web site, were previously uninsured.

Warren Jones with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital says a lot of times it's not about comparing prices, there are some people who just can't afford health insurance and so places like the Bond Community Health Center and the Lincoln Neighbor Center are available for help as well.