Civic Center Buyout

FSU President T.K. Wetherell says 92 percent of the events scheduled at the Leon County Civic Center are done through Florida State University.

He is hoping two proposed bills will pass, allowing FSU to take over control of the popular venue.

“What it means in our minds is that we can move ahead much quicker with our music hall. We'll probably end up down there as opposed to going through a condemnation process at some other location,” says Wetherell.

Wetherell says this would give the county and city the ability to move forward with the building of a performing arts center, making it less expensive since it would be on the same grounds as the Civic Center, but not everyone sees it that way.

Bob Rackleff, County Commissioner, says, “We would have lost the potential to have the performance arts center that we'd been planning for several years if that were to happen.”

However, other county leaders say it would relieve millions of dollars of debt.

“I really this it’s a great opportunity for all of us, it would retire 18 million in debt, the state would pick up a lot of maintenance costs and other things,” says Tony Grippa, Leon County Commissioner.

Dr. Wetherell says he is willing to meet with the County Commission regarding the proposed transfer of control. Meanwhile, city leaders are not offering any comments at this time.