Lowndes County Board of Education Forum

The Lowndes County Board of Education will hold a public forum Thursday night to help decide which candidate is best suited to fill the Hahira District 2 seat.

A lot of folks say they are excited, and they say they can't wait to meet the candidates. A public forum in Hahira will help decide who will represent the District 2 seat on the Lowndes County Board of Education left behind by Willie Linahan.

Linahan plead guilty to federal charges for mail and bank fraud and had to resign from the Board of Education. Board members say the public should have more of a say so on who's nominated.

"Well, certainly I wanted them to have a more active role other than coming and just be able to ask a question. I would have liked to have seen them take a vote, but that's ok. I'm one of six board members and the majority of the board wanted it this way and this is the way we are going to take," says Bill Fuqua, Chairman of the Lowndes County Board.

Many residents say this is an opportunity to make a difference in a school system they say needs direction.

"Having a candidate, someone from Hahira that has children in this system, I feel is very important because they know what is going on, they know what it feels like for their children to be in an overcrowded classroom,” says Sandra Hall, a Hahira resident.

Janet Newton, also a Hahira resident, says, "As a parent everyone who has children in the school system needs to come out and listen to these candidates. It's very important. People always complain we don't have a say so you can come out ask questions, you can see how the candidates stand on their points of view.

One of the problems some residents say they want to see corrected is the overcrowding in many Hahira schools. The forum will be held Thursday at 7 p.m. at Hahira Middle School.