Students on Spring Break

While countless numbers of kids are enjoying this week off from school, some parents are wondering what to do with their spring breakers. Local parents are handling the hunt for child care.

When it comes to five school-free days, Stephanie Hall has no problem filling the time.

“Depends on how creative you are, I think we forget about all the places Tallahassee has to offer," says Stephanie.

Stephanie says bringing her boys to the Brogan Museum hits a home run with her family. She's one of the fortunate ones who don’t have to worry about finding a spring break babysitter.

For some parents, the hunt for child care means calling on relatives. Siegfried Mayr drove from Pennsylvania to watch his grandchildren.

"For us it's a nice opportunity to have and enjoy them. Nice to help out parents while they are at work," says Mayr.

Still, other parents are stuck searching for supervision solutions. That's where the Brogan Museum comes into focus. They claim to have the art of camp down to a science and the kids seem to agree.

Even though the spring break campers have taken a break from school, the learning hasn't stopped. Perhaps their parents learned about the science of chasing down child care.

More than 30 kids took part in the Mary Brogan Museum’s spring break camp.