Fines for Uninsured Drivers

Uninsured Georgia drivers could soon find a $25 fine awaiting them in their mailbox. The state is issuing the fines to force thousands of Georgian's to get auto insurance.

Starting next week, 275,000 Georgia drivers will be sent fines for not having insurance coverage for their vehicles. The first fines will be just $25, but those fines increase sharply.

Pattee Carroll, a Valdosta insurance agent, says, "The penalties are a deterrent that the state is enforcing to keep people aware they need to keep their auto insurance current."

Insurance agents say by increasing the number of drivers under an insurance policy, the cost of coverage could be kept in line for everyone.

"The more people you have buying insurance, the more money that is in the pool that is used to pay claims, so conceivably, it could help if not decrease, at least stabilize insurance premiums in Georgia," adds Carroll.

While insurance agents say the crackdown on uninsured drivers should help benefit everyone in the Peach State, Valdosta police say it could really benefit some people by helping them stay out of jail.

"If it’s determined a motorist doesn't have any auto insurance, they are arrested and transported to the county jail, and their vehicle is towed with the goal of getting their uninsured vehicle off the road," says SGT Earl Durrance of the Valdosta Police Traffic Enforcement.

Drivers who do pay their auto insurance say they hope this tough new policy will keep them from ever having to deal with an accident caused by an uninsured driver.

Georgia is sending out the fines to uninsured drivers next week. If you get one and have been paying for auto insurance, you have 30 days to appeal.