Housing Funds for Quincy

Quincy city officials were unable to get federal funds last year to rebuild or refurbish eyesores in the community. Some city officials are now hoping the county will step in and help those folks.

Eighty-three-year-old Ira Diggs is using several pillows as a makeshift roof to shield him from inclement weather.

The WWII veteran who's fought for this country's freedom is now fighting a different battle, finding someone in the city of Quincy to help him refurbish his dilapidated home.

"It's rough on me. Sometimes I go on down, don't want to eat it kills your appetite to walk around here and see what kind of shape its in,” Diggs explains.

Quincy city officials were unable to obtain grant money last year to help Diggs and several other residents because officials missed the deadline.

The city has since fulfilled the grants requirement and has reapplied.

"We have some other homes also working that we didn't get in time enough, but were getting round to them,” comments City of Quincy Grants Manager Auburn Ford Jr.

In the meantime, city commissioners are hoping the county will be able to help.

"The county has ship funds they receive every year regardless that money is supposed to be divided among the municipalities,” says Quincy City Commissioner Keith Dowdell.

But county officials say they gave the city $100,000 in an interlocal agreement.
They say some the homes should have been repaired with that money, forcing this veteran and several others to play the waiting game.

City officials should find out by mid April if they'll get the grant, if so, they'll be able to begin construction and or repairs in July.