Springtime Tallahassee in Jeopardy Over Insurance

Joe Parramore presides over the board, which puts on the annual Springtime Tallahassee Festival.

“I'm a hometown person, Tallahassee is my home, I was born and raised here, this is an event we do for the community, we invite people from out of town to come to Tallahassee, " Parramore explains.

Friday, board members will have to decide on whether to have the event this year, or cancel it.

Parramore says this year the board is forced to pay an increased liability insurance premium of, at least $26,000. It’s a problem that policy doesn't allow the City of Tallahassee to fix.

"We want this event to happen, that said, it's important for Springtime to understand that insurance in required, the state of Florida has some of the strictest laws, in terms of special event coverage, and Tallahassee is no different than any other city in Florida,” comments Bill Behenna.

One longtime Tallahassee resident says this festival has been a tradition.

"I think it's terrible that they'd have to cancel something that big and going on for so many years on the count of insurance, it's really ridicules, but if that's what happened, it's just a bad thing I guess,” says Bea Hill.

Other residents say the festival was a favorite part of their childhood.

"I always remember the Belles, I always thought they were so beautiful and that was just a really neat part of the parade that I enjoyed when I was a kid,” adds Jennifer Naddy.

This year's festival is set to begin next weekend, a 36-year tradition that may not happen because of what could happen.

"The insurance companies, they're just like the rest of us, they have to look in to the future to see what might happen, but I would think let it go ahead this year, because it is so close, and people have been planning for the last 12 months,” says resident Emma Wynn.

Friday, executive board members will meet at 8 a.m. and will have to make a final vote by 5 p.m. on the future of this year's Springtime Tallahassee Festival.