Investigators on Trail of Double Murder Suspects?

Investigators wade through the evidence in a double murder near a popular swimming hole.

No one has been arrested yet in the deaths of two Suwannee County men shot early Sunday morning, but the trail isn't cold. The sheriff says authorities have suspects in mind.

Suwannee County residents say they're used to hearing about drownings at Talford Springs, but a double murder, they say, is frighteningly unusual.

Mary Mercer, a Suwannee County resident, said, "My grandpa used to bring me down here, and now you come down here and you hear of people drowning. I can understand that because there's a lot of drinking; they don't need to have that. But this I heard was execution style or something, and that's a scary feeling."

Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron says investigators are trying to keep up with several leads in the shooting death of two Live Oak men found on 203rd Road near Talford Springs.

Around 2:30 Sunday morning, 27-year-old Javier Neria Rebolledo was found behind the wheel of a light blue Pontiac, shot in the head.

Less than 100 feet away, 20-year-old Inocencio Rosado Fuentes was found shot in a wooded area.

David Wickham, a Suwannee County resident, said, "It's a terrible feeling to be here and know that something like that happened."

Sheriff Cameron says evidence indicates that there may be more than one person involved, but for no, the killer or killers remain at large.

Wickham added, "Not very good. That's scary. That is really scary. Boy. Well, I hope they find him or her or whoever it is, them. Whatever, catch them and put them in jail."

Sheriff Cameron says the two victims were roommates, so investigators have been interviewing several people in their community.

The sheriff says it's too soon to say if an arrest will be made any time soon. Right now he cannot divulge details on the suspects they are looking at.