Prom PSA Hopes to Save Lives

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It begins with the start of the night many high school students dream about, then shows how the excitement of how prom can end in tragedy with one bad decision. That is the message in a public service announcement submitted by the video production class at Thomas County Central High School for a statewide PSA contest.

Brooke Johnson is one of the students who worked on the announcement and said, "We really wanted, after people watched, them to really think about it, we wanted it to make an impact. It's not a light subject."

Seventy high schools throughout Georgia participated in the contest, all sending the message to teens of not drinking and driving on prom night.

Steve Jones is the school resource officer and he said, "We have had several accidents over the past several months involving teenagers. Speed's been a contributing factor, distracted driving has been a factor, [but] fortunately alcohol has not been in these recent teen accidents."

Randy Young teaches at Thomas County Central High School and says, "We've already experienced several tragedies this year and near tragedies at our school and we're tired of it."

Teachers and law enforcement officers hope a message for teens from teens will make a difference come prom night.

Thomas County Central is the only South Georgia school to make the finals, and they came in among the top four. The winning video earned its school a prom at the Governor's Mansion.