More Details in Grady County Murder

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A woman is shot and killed while standing on her front porch. The suspected shooter is under arrest.
30-year old Betty Jones, known as Gina to family and friends was shot once in the head Saturday night.
Jones and her seven year old daughter had been staying at the home to help take care of her aunt. No one ever expected what happened next.
Blood stains and police tape still remain on the front porch... evidence of Saturday night's tragic events. Investigators say the suspect in the shooting.. Charles Gibson, a next door neighbor.
Gibson and his wife had a fight the week before, investigators say she came next door to get away.
Lula M. Hodges, Jones' aunt was there the night of the shooting, "He came by here to kill Martha. It was meant for Martha, wasn't for her. He thought that was Martha on the porch, that's why he shot down here."
Investigators say Gibson admits to pulling the trigger of a 22-caliber rifle twice that night... one bullet hitting the home, the other striking Jones in the head.
Lieutenant Steve Clark with the Grady County Sheriff's Office says, "Was it planned to shoot her? I can't say that, I don't know. But planned to shoot somebody over there, it appears that way right now."
Linda White, the victim's aunt showed up just after the shooting, "That man ain't nothing but a snake, nothing but a snake, that's all he is."
Investigators tell us Gibson is no stranger to the law...including aggravated assault charges out of New York.
Hodges adds, "She was bleeding so bad... she said Lula May, I'm getting weak, I'm getting weak."
And those are some of the last words Gina Jones spoke... she died on the way to the hospital.
Charles Gibson is in the Grady County Detention Center.... he's charged with malicious murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.