Toll Road May Take A Toll on Environment

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TALLAHASSEE -- Leon County commissioners fear a proposed toll road might have negative affects on the environment.

Community leaders discussed the future of the Red Hills Coastal Parkway Monday at Tallahassee's City Hall. The toll road would link Interstate 10 with Highway 98, near Saint Marks, and connect I-10 with Thomasville Road north of Bradfordville.

The group in charge of the proposed road say there's a lot to consider before they do away with the road completely.

"The question is how do you connect up to the interstate," questioned Harry Reed, the executive director of the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency. "It could be a possible evacuation route, things of this type. So, those are all things that need to be considered."

The toll road wouldn't be built for another twenty-five years and would cost more than five-hundred million dollars.