Residents Think New Trash Fees Stink

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TALLAHASSEE -- A new survey released Monday says Tallahassee residents think the new trash fees stink!

Tallahassee Voices, a local internet survey group, found more then half the residents they polled do not think the extra twenty dollar charge for backdoor trash service is fair.

Starting in May, people who live in Tallahassee will lose their backdoor trash service, unless they pay an extra twenty bucks or are disabled.

"I'm sure we won't ever pay the extra to have someone pull the trash out," one resident commented. "Its just really convenient because it makes it a lot easier and faster to get the trash out. You don't to to worry about overflowing or missing garbage day."

Under the new service, garbage day moves to just once a week instead of the two it is right now. Tallahassee solid waste fees have stayed the same for the last fifteen years.