More E-Filers

Waiting in the Post Office line right before the clock strikes midnight April 15 may soon be a thing a of the past. That's because the IRS is reporting new statistics that indicate Americans have found a faster link to Uncle Sam.

The Internet is changing the way many American's file their taxes with the government. The new statistics show more people are going to save themselves some money on postage.

This is how it looks during the final hours of April 15th every year, people waiting in long lines to get a stamp on their envelops to prove they did their taxes on time, but according to the IRS, the line could be a little shorter this year.

"We have roughly 22-23 percent increase from home and 11 percent increase from a tax professional. That makes up 40 million of 100 million, that's nearly half," says David Tindall.

For those of you who need to file and want to try the e-file, but are worried about mistakes, the IRS says there are fewer errors with the e-file.

If you are curious about the e-file there are programs you can buy at most electronic retail stores, or you can go the IRS website and find out more.