HAZMAT Training at TCC

While talks of 9/11 grab the national spotlight, emergency crews and health workers in Florida's capital city are learning how to respond in the event of a terrorist attack.

TCC's economic and workforce development program "Contractwise" is enabling health workers and emergency responders to get certified or re-certified as hazardous materials technicians.

Chief Tim Shealy of the Tallahassee Fire Department says, “This is an ongoing process because just as society changes, so will the chemicals we deal with as far as our responses we go to.”

The five-day, 40-hour class is now seen as a necessity by many state agencies after 9/11.

Dan Smith, Emergency Response Instructor, says, “For some people it has been mandated to take it and become a technician even though they may not have to go to the hot spot as we call it or area of the hazard.”

And due to the partnership with TCC's Contractwise program, some of the training sessions are at no charge to the agencies.

Mark Lowe, TCC Contractwise Project Manager, says, “Grants come to the state agency, and when they come to Contractwise then we spend the money as we see fit in order to successfully carry out the contract.”

TCC's Contractwise is currently handling around $7 million in state contracts. They provide training for a variety of topics from seat belt safety to weapons of mass destruction.