Art Expressions

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Many teens may have to deal with a variety of life changing decisions and experiences, but opening up their creative side is one way for teens to deal with these mixed emotions.

Marley Moynahan's brother died four years ago in a boating accident. Since his death, Moynahan has used writing to fill the void in her life, hoping that her poems will help her turn the pages of time.

"I needed a creative outlet. I never considered myself to be good in the visual arts. The first poem I wrote was three days after my brother died, just about the experience," Marley says.

Many other teens like Moynahan are getting into writing and creating pieces of art to help them get through difficult times.

Claudia Schwartz, a senior at Leon High School, says, "Teens have a lot of stress and are very emotional and sometimes they can have negative ways of dealing with that, and so to have a positive outlet for their emotions can help prevent things like teen suicide."

Teachers say teens can feel isolated from those around them and a connection to art can brighten up their future.

"I think teens come to understand their own feelings better through the expression than if they keep them bottled up inside, so it's self-awareness as well as relating to others," says
Laurel Lemley, an English teacher and Mosaic sponsor.

From art to writing, these teens want their work to empower and make a difference in the lives of other teens. A magazine that has original works by students known as the Mosaic will be on sale in at Leon High School starting in May.