Illegal License Plate Frames

That frame around your tag proclaiming your love for the FAMU Rattlers or Florida State Seminoles could get you a trip to court, and not the basketball kind. Your frame could be exposing you to a ticket.

You see them everywhere, novelty license plate frames expressing fondness for FSU or what dealer you did business with.

"What is the benefit? Probably just for ego. I don't think it brings any traffic to store. Car dealers just like to see their names on the back of peoples’ cars," says Ben Moore, general manager for Saturn of Tallahassee.

Yet, the eye-catching advertising is an eyesore for law enforcement, and believe it or not, it's illegal.

LT John Bagnardi of the Florida Highway Patrol says, "Not allowed to obscure any part of the license plate with anything that is not issued by the state."

Which means if authorities can't see your validation sticker, the word Florida or anything else on your tag from 50 feet away, your frame could be exposing you to a fine.

"It's a non-moving violation. Here in Leon County all non-moving violations are 63 dollars," adds LT Bagnardi.

Most motorists have no clue their playful plate puts them in jeopardy for a ticket.

Perhaps it's all about the advertising? The Florida Highway Patrol recommends if you do have a license plate frame to check it, and if it covers anything on your tag remove it.