Monticello Working to Restore 100-Year-Old Cemetery

A cemetery in Monticello is in dire need of a facelift. In fact, some folks have been disposing trash in the graveyard. City officials are trying to turn century-old cemetery into a state of the art resting place. The graveyard was created in 1827. The graves are in disarray and now Monticello city officials are turning to the public for help.

This historical cemetery in Monticello is home to slaves and Civil War veterans, but lately some folks have desecrated this eternal place of rest.

"Right now people are using if for a dump site, graves are caving in and we're researching some grants on the Internet to see if we can restore some of the brick work and masonry," says Gerrold Austin, a Monticello City Council member.

City Council members and residents are hoping to repair some of the broken tombstones and perform some type of miracle, transforming this run down graveyard into a proper burial site for these folks who are part of America's history.

"All of the graves, all or most of them are in disarray. It seems to me a wrong that these people with the respect they deserve have no respect by the fact that you don't know in some cases who's buried there," says Scoty Ebberbach, a Monticello resident.

Austin and Ebberbach are hoping Jefferson County residents will make history by paying homage to their ancestors creating a place where these slaves and war veterans will really rest in peace.

"I envision it to be maybe a historic site because it’s some old graves, and Civil War vets and slaves and relatives can go there on birthdays, anniversary, Memorial Day and plant flowers and be proud of it," says Austin.

Austin is hoping folks with some type of skill will help repair the graves that are in need of repair. If you would like to lend a helping hand, you can call Monticello council member Gerrold Austin at 264-3730 or reach Scotty Ebbarbach at 997-1111.