Moody's New Training Facility

Local airmen now have another impressive tool to help prepare them for combat and rescue missions. The doors to an $8.6 million fitness center opened at Moody Air Force Base Thursday.

Airmen eagerly packed into the new "Freedom Fitness Center" on Friday to get a glimpse at all the new workout and fitness equipment.

"For me, I'm very happy it’s open, so I can do what I need to do. You can do everything you need to do in one spot, so when it is time to go over to Iraq and do battle, you'll be physically fit, ready to do your job," says TSGT William Crews

Tammy Turnmyer, director of the Freedom Fitness Center, says, "The Air Force has developed new fitness standards to keep the military fit, their new motto is "Fit to Fight" and in order to do that we needed a bigger facility. It's 56,000 sq. ft. It contains over 125 strength machines, over 50 pieces of cardio, a weight room, boxing room, upstairs running track, college regulation basketball court."

A nutrition bar is even up and running, offering people healthy snacks and drinks. Moody supporters from the south Georgia community say this fitness center is a great resource for the entire region.

"It’s just great, it’s an awesome thing, we've put up dorms and squadron buildings in the past, but something like this effects the whole community," says Parker Greene, director of the Moody support group.

That's because it’s not open just for enlisted airmen and officers, but to their families and even other local military personnel. Moody leaders say the previous workout facility didn't meet the needs of the base, but this new facility now meets the physical fitness training demands for the entire base.