Blues Festival

If you wanted to hear some toe tapping tunes in the great outdoors, then the Tallahassee Museum was the place to be this weekend. That's where hundreds flocked for the 14th Annual Jazz and Blues Festival.

They've got the rhythm and the blues. Grooves echo through the Tallahassee Museum marking a 14-year springtime tradition that lures even the youngest of hearts.

Sarah and Owen McCoy attended the festival and said, “He loves jazz and said, Mom, Dad, you've got to take me here so I can listen to live music and dance,” said Sarah McCoy.

Whether they're toe tapping or simply relaxing, this tranquil setting seems to set the stage.

Karen Mossman of the Tallahassee Museum said, “When you enter the museum it is just a beautiful peaceful place, a place where local talent love to show off their skills year after year.”

Dell Suggs, the Music Coordinator, said, “It's a great chance to show Zydeco, Dixieland, a lot of different styles of jazz and blues music.”

Geoff Brown, a Tallahassee resident said, “I like the variety and great range of artists that come out every year.”

Proceeds from the Tallahassee Jazz and Blues Festival go back to the museum for the animals and programs.