Fatal Fire

A fire in Cordele, Georgia claimed the life of four people.

Cordele firefighters say the blaze began shortly before 12:30 Saturday morning at 812 23rd Avenue West. Firefighters believe a 56-year-old grandmother living in the home was cooking and left the stove unattended.

Investigators say the grandmother and her three granddaughters, ages one, three and nine-years-old, died in the fire. Georgia's Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner says this brings the total to 23 fire deaths in Georgia in the last 10 days, the highest number of fire fatalities in March in six years.

If you have any information, you are asked to call the Cordele Fire Department 229-276-2548.

Another fire gutted a mobile home in Brittany Estates off of Capital Circle Northwest in Tallahassee. No one was home at the time.

Fire Station 4 got the call from a neighbor around 9:30 am Saturday morning. Tallahassee firefighters tell us they had it under control eight minutes later. Neighbors say quick action by the Tallahassee Fire Department kept the blaze from spreading to brush and trailers nearby.

"That has to do with a quick call and a good response time. During the day, of course, you have people that are out and about. It's a pretty day out and they were able to notice the fire, get a phone call to the fire department, and we were able to get on scene in a reasonable amount of time," said LT Jarvis Bedford of the Tallahassee Fire Department.

Firefighters say at one point the blaze burned so hot that the windows exploded from the heated pressure. The fire is still under investigation.