Pre-Disaster Funds

Georgia just received a federal grant to go towards pre-disaster mitigation programs to identify the risks in the area ahead of time.

Lisa Carroll, executive director of the American Red Cross, says, "South Georgia remained untouched of the terrifying effects of hurricanes and tornadoes for years. That's until recent deadly tornadoes devastated the town of Camilla, Georgia without warning. I'm pleased the government has decided we need to take initiative to handle disaster before they occur to be prepared."

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency was granted $2.7 million for local hazard mitigation programs to plan response methods before disaster strikes.

Thomas, Grady and surrounding counties will all benefit from the grant money to help identify hazards and overall risks of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding.

"Using mitigation funds it's going to help educate our community, and a community that's prepared is going to be a community that's not going to have as much damage dollar wise or family wise if an event happens," said Degi Bozeman, the American Red Cross Chapter Disaster Manager. "GEMA is saying these communities need money in order to take care of their citizens to make that community strong enough to withstand any disaster.

Overall, to foresee the unthinkable and lessen the impact of an occurrence that can physically and emotionally rip apart a community.

Under the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, it’s required that all states and local governments have an approved hazard mitigation plan in place by November.