Watch for Phone Scams

Thomasville police are warning area residents to be wary when giving out personal information over the phone. That warning comes following a rash of phone scams throughout the area.

Police say several residents have received calls during the last week. Claiming to be from the residents' bank, they ask for their account and credit card numbers, and police say if you're smart you'll hang up the phone.

It's a scam that's been happening repeatedly to the most unsuspecting victims. Callers claiming to be from your bank asking for your personal information over the phone.

Kim Braswell says, "I just didn't give them the information because if they're calling from my bank, they should have the account number!"

Police say crimes like these can be difficult to solve, but the best way to keep them from being committed at all is to use common sense.

Mark Scott says, "A legitimate business like your hometown bank, your credit card company, they already know your account numbers. They know who you are, they know all about you. They don't have to call you on the telephone and read the numbers on your check!"

Police say several people from the Thomasville area have already been scammed, but you don't have to fall for their ploy. Hang up on these callers before you become another victim.

Police say these scam artists will also target victims through e-mail, so be aware in both scenarios.

There's not too much you can do to prevent this, but if you do get a call contact the Thomasville Police Department at 229-227-7075.