Nobel Prize Winner Teaching Students

Can you imagine buying a car that could get 200 miles to the gallon? Amazing technology such as this could be around the corner thanks to a discovery made by a Nobel Prize winner who just happens to be teaching at FSU.

Sir Harry Kroto shows us he also has a unique way of getting children excited about science.

Visiting FSU professor Harry Kroto is teaching local fourth graders about his Nobel Prize winning discovery of a buckeyball, or molecules that are in the shape of a soccer ball, and the kids seem to be catching on.

Knighted by the Queen of England, Sir Harry's discovery is pumping more interest into the area of nanotechnology.

“That means we may build and airplane that is so light if the engine fails, it will just glide, or a car that if it gets into an accident it wouldn't break,” says Sir Harry.

And to really score with the kids, Kroto used the talents of FSU soccer and football players.

Ali Mims say she really got a kick out of it.

“When we were going through the training I had fun with it and I'm twice their age!”

Sir Harry Kroto says his main goal is to get youngsters excited about science because he says there are still so many problems that need to be solved as well as discoveries that need to be made.