Cheney to Speak at FSU Commencement

The spring graduation at Florida State University is shaping up to be a memorable one. Vice President Dick Cheney is scheduled to give the commencement speech on May 1.

Some of the students were surprised when they heard about Vice President Cheney’s role in their graduation, but some questioned the timing.

Florida Democratic college students believe Cheney’s role is solely based on politics.

Shellby Joslin, VP of FSU College Democrats, says, "It's kind of questionable given that it is Florida and how close the votes were last year, and he's spending tax dollars to come down and speak when Jeb asked him to."

Still, College Republicans say it's time they get a chance to hear a conservative's point of view.

Kirsten Borman, an FSU College Republican, says, "Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to see maybe the other side of politics that we normally don't see. We do live in Tallahassee, although a majority of Leon county residents, not necessarily college students, are Democrat, so this will give them a chance to see someone who is a good Republican.

Florida State’s president, T.K. Wetherell, invited Cheney to address the graduation class, and school officials say the message should be neutral.

Lee Hinkle, VP of University Relations, says, "We've done a little research on Vice President Cheney's graduation speeches in the past. What he tends to be is short and motivational. He tends to tell students what they can look forward to in the world. They don't tend to be political speeches; they tend to send graduates off to do great things in the world.”

Most graduating seniors say they're looking forward to the event.

Kristen Davis, an FSU graduating senior, says, "I think it will be a great opportunity to hear one of our leaders speak to us and I'm excited about it.”

Vice President Cheney's speech is scheduled for Saturday, May 1 at 9:00 a.m.