Fighting Fires of ALS

New changes are on the way to Tallahassee, changes that could save your life. In the past if Tallahassee firefighters were first to a scene, sometimes they were limited in what they could do to help save someone's life, but those days are coming to end.

Come April 1, there will be very big changes for firefighters and the whole community. The frustrating moments when firefighters had to sit on their hands will soon be over.

An 18-year-old dream of Tallahassee firefighter Nancy Herndon is about to come true.

"We're excited about this. We've wanted this for years. Our families and friends live here too," says EMS Division Chief Nancy Herndon of the Tallahassee Fire Department

"On April 1, people can expect that we will have five more life support units on the street," says Chief Tom Quillin of the Tallahassee Fire Department.

"I'm really excited about this. We looked at a good system plan that we put together. With our brothers and sisters at the Fire Department, we are going to have a great system," Chief Dan Moynihan of Leon County EMS says.

"What's happening is on April 1 through a co-operational agreement between Leon County Ambulance Service and the Tallahassee Fire Department we will be providing ALS from five of our stations," says Chief Quillin.

The ALS locations will be at stations 15, 9, 3, 4 and 6, all chosen for their locations.

"Now we're going to have the license, equipment and medications to provide ALS to our residents," says Chief Herndon.

Just for clarification, Advanced Life Support is available in Leon County and the city through ambulance service, but until April 1 firefighters are not allowed to administer ALS.

Advanced Life Support is another way to say invasive care. For example, if someone needed a tracheotomy or medication injected into their body during a heart attack.