Taylor County Funding Project

From ball players to boaters, just about everybody will benefit from the many projects going on.

Ron Woodall enjoys nothing more than a day on the Gulf with his grandkids, an experience made easier by an improved boat ramp at Keaton Beach.

"You don't have a problem hitting the bottom, you got plenty of room to get in and out, especially the new addition in the middle, your crew can get on board and go fishing. It's great," Ron says.

The Keaton Beach boat ramp is just the first of many projects underway in Taylor County. At the Perry-Foley Airport, pilots will soon take advantage of a new terminal while they rest and load up on fuel.

"We're going to have the latest in Weathermatrix equipment which consists of a computer and they can electronically file their flight plans, just all the comforts of home for people that come through," says Bill Saterwhite, Projects Manager in Taylor County.

By far the biggest project, the new sports complex, will break ground in just two weeks. More than $1 million from various sources has been put aside for this recreational gem.

Melody Cox, Taylor County Grants Coordinator, says, "We have several pending grants. The Board of Commissioners has set aside $1.3 million and our soccer fields will be open by October of this year, our baseball diamonds will be operational by next month."

As an added bonus many of these new facilities will be linked by trails in the future. The groundbreaking for Taylor County's new sports complex will be held on the afternoon of April 13.