Worm Gruntin' Festival

Worms watch out! They're coming after you! It's festival time in Sopchoppy and that means kids of all ages are out and about with a stick, a piece of metal and a prayer, hoping to work some magic.

"It's my first time,” said Rachael Robinson. "You stick the wood in the ground and you push that thing hard. Then the worms come up out of the ground," continued Robison.

Learning how to grunt for earthworms is a Sopchoppy right of passage passed down from generations. Back in the 70’s CBS reporters came here to learn the tricks of the trade from Jim Rossier. His wife Lossie worked at his side and she'll tell you to get the worm you have to be an early bird.

"We'd get out there around daylight and we start scrubbing and you start seeing the baits all over the ground. They would glitter,” said Rossier.

Lossie and Jim made a living pulling the baits from the earth and selling them to fishermen. Now at 77, she's featured in this month's edition of Field and Stream. She says she has no idea how she and her husband discovered these tools.

"You know what, I'll tell you the truth, it's how you live your life. God sends things into your life,” Rossier added. “A lowly worm worth a lifetime of blessings for generations to come.