Passion for the Church

Some local pastors are finding a movie by Mel Gibson is sparking a new passion for church, and on this Easter Sunday hallowed halls are filled to the brim with worshipers.

The songs are the same, the message hasn't changed, but there's something different about this year's Easter service. For one, some people seem to have found a new passion and it's gone beyond the movie.

"The passion opened up people's minds to that and so they're searching and looking for what it really means in their lives,” said Thomasville Road Baptist Church Pastor Curtis D. Clark.

Church member Pierre Smith added, “It's amazing. It's like what else can you do, but to give your life for him, and even that's not enough.”

Smith is just one of thousands of local residents who found a renewed interest in religion. Members of the church love and faith ministries rented out one of the theaters the night before Easter, gearing up for a special service.

"Actually we are doing a production at the church considering our theme for Sunday service is worship with a passion,” said love and faith ministries Pastor Lamar Simmons.

Still, as interest in the movie dies down, pastors will have to wait to see if interest in the church sticks around. The movie has grossed more than $330 million worldwide.