Gun Lock

A national push to prevent accidental gun deaths in America has made its way to Tallahassee, sending a message to gun owners to lock up or be locked up.

Unload then lock up, just two simple steps can save lives when it comes to firearms. It's a trend gaining ground in north Florida where nearly half the population owns a gun.

“I have a glock 9 for protection, I’m a single women living alone in Tallahassee,” said gun owner Patty Fletcher.

Fellow gun owner Luis Perez-Bailoa said, “I have hand guns just to protect our home.”

Perez-Bailoa knows the importance of gun safety. As a father of two he's making sure his guns are locked at all times. So are hundreds of folks picking up free gun locks at Tallahassee's downtown market Saturday.

Linda Corrow, a firearm safety representative with Childsafe, said, “They're very simple, instructions are included to tell how to use on any kind of gun.”

And the best part is they're free! Thanks to Project Childsafe, a National Firearm Safety Program, these locks are free for you with no paperwork and no hassles.

“The issue isn't whether you should have a gun, it's if you are responsible gun owner,” added Corrow.