Wakulla County's Growth Spurt

Dwight Wells says his post office is bursting at the seems as postmaster in Crawfordville. He has a good idea how many residents are moving to town and he says it's too many for his mailroom.

“We can't move around, it's cramped inside and parking is unreal,” says Dwight.

The solution he says is to expand the post office to triple the size, only then can he accommodate the thousands of newcomers moving to town each day. It's a common problem for this rural county where natives remember a simpler way of life.

“When I was a kid we used to play on 319, ride bikes, there's no chance now!” says Babs Jones, a Wakulla County native.

No chance because there's no room as construction crews work on widening the streets, hoping to ease traffic through town.

Donnie Sparkman, Community Development Director for Wakulla County, says, “The roads are impacted we're doing improvements trying to direct it in a positive approach.”

A positive approach and a positive attitude is what many folks are trying to maintain as they watch their community transform before their eyes.

Plans to expand the Crawfordville Post Office will go before the Wakulla County Commission in April.